Bank of Canada Museum



The economy is a little like the air we breathe: it’s all around us, vital to our well-being; yet we often don’t give it a second thought.

At the Bank of Canada Museum, we are dedicated to changing that. Located in the heart of Canada’s central bank, we’ve made it our mission to bring the economy front and centre to where our visitors can see it, touch it, walk through it and experience it as never before.

Enter the heart of the economic system and explore fun, hands-on, interactive exhibits that cover everything from how people’s expectations affect the health of an economy to how inflation targeting works (hint: you get to fly a rocket ship!). Mixed in with all the high-tech interactives are informative videos, multimedia stations and old-school exhibits featuring centuries’ worth of economic artifacts: from shells once used as money, to bank notes made from tree bark, together with their history and lore.

Stimulating. Engaging. Most of all, fun. Come join us and explore the Bank’s role in the economy and your own, very important, place in it.

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